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10UF 400V Capacitor High Voltage Electrolytic Use For Adapter

Datasheet:10uf capacitor

  • Series: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
  • Size:5*11mm
  • Tolerance: ±20%
  • Application: Chargers, power adapters, small appliances, etc.
  • Manufacturer: Xuansn


The 10uF 400V Capacitor is a high-quality component that can be used in a wide range of electronic circuits. It is designed to store electrical charge and provide filtering,smoothing, and bypassing functions in various electronic applications.


This capacitor is made up of two metal plates that are separated by a dielectric material, and it is encased in an aluminum electrolytic can. The anode and cathode are marked on the body of the capacitor for easy identification during installation. The leads are made of tinned copper, which ensures reliable connectivity and excellent solderability.

10uF 63V Capacitor10uF 63V Capacitor

The 10uF 400V Capacitor has the following key features:

  1. Capacitance: 10 microfarads (10uF)
  2. Voltage Rating: 63 Volts
  3. Tolerance: ±20%
  4. Temperature Range: -40°C to +105°C
  5. Size: 5mm x 11mm
  6. Lifespan: 2000 hours at 85°C
  7. Low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance)
  8. High Ripple Current Capability

The advantages of using the 10uF 400V Capacitor are:

  1. High capacitance in a small package
  2. Low ESR provides excellent performance in filtering and smoothing applications
  3. High ripple current capability ensures reliable operation in demanding circuits
  4. Wide operating temperature range allows for use in various environments
  5. Long lifespan ensures durability and reliability

10uF 400V Capacitor Applications

  1. Power Supplies
  2. Audio Amplifiers
  3. Filters and Oscillators
  4. Voltage Regulators
  5. DC-DC Converters
  6. Motor Control Circuits

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