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5.5V 0.1F Supercapacitor Low ESR Suitable Electric Forklifts

  • Low internal resistance
  • High capacity
  • Low internal resistance
  • Good consistency
  • Manufacturer:Xuansn


Button 5.5V 0.1F Supercapacitor Regular Series

5.5V 0.1F Supercapacitor is a product of the button regular series.It is an electronic device capable of storing and releasing large amounts of electrical energy. They differ from traditional batteries in that they do not involve a chemical reaction, but instead store energy by storing charge between the positive and negative electrodes of a capacitor. This allows supercapacitors to have high charge and discharge rates, as well as a long life.

The main characteristics of supercapacitors include high energy density, high power density and fast charge and discharge capabilities. They are very useful in applications such as electric vehicles, electronic devices, renewable energy systems and many other areas. Supercapacitors generally have longer lifespans but lower energy density than traditional batteries, making them suitable for applications that require rapid charging and discharging.

5.5V 0.1F Supercapacitor Performance Characteristics

  • High capacity
  • Low internal resistance
  • Good consistency

5.5V 0.1F Supercapacitor Series Specification Table

Series Name XHESC
Rated Voltage 5.5V
Operating Temperature -40~70℃
Capacity Range 0.1F-4F
Capacity  Tolerance -20%-+80%

5.5V 0.1F Supercapacitors Product Performance Table

Rated voltage/V Nominal capacity/F Internal resistance(1KHz)/Ω Leakage current(24h)/mA Φ/mm H/mm P/mm
5.5 0.1 ≤65 ≤0.005 9.5 14.1 4.5

Typical Applications:

RTC, fault indicator, driving recorder, DTU, toys (toy cars, toy airplanes), smart three meters, bicycle tail lights, radios, electronic door locks, digital photo frames, set-top boxes, remote controls, tax control machines, control (temperature controller), clock card readers, counters and other bus card readers, identity recognition, vehicle monitoring.

Supercapacitor used in flashlight

Supercapacitor used in flashlight

Supercapacitor application in electric forklifts

Supercapacitor application in electric forklifts

Supercapacitor used in printer

Supercapacitor used in printer

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