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Ceramic Capacitor 102K 2kV 1nF Radial DC For Bypass

  • Type: Ceramic Capacitor
  • Capacity:1000pF,102,1nF
  • Tolerance: ±10%(K)
  • Voltage Rating:  2kV
  • Manufacturer:XUANSN


Ceramic Capacitor 102K 2kV Overview:

The Ceramic Capacitor 102K 2kV is a high-quality electronic component designed to provide reliable performance in high-voltage applications. This capacitor features a capacitance of 1000pF (also known as 102), making it ideal for energy storage and voltage regulation. With a voltage rating of 2 kilovolts (2kV), it ensures robust insulation and safe operation. The capacitor utilizes Y5V ceramic material, offering a high dielectric constant and stable performance in a compact form factor.Ceramic Capacitor 102K 2kV

Construction of Ceramic Capacitor 102K 2kV:

The construction of a Ceramic Capacitor 102K 2kV involves the following elements:

  1. Ceramic Dielectric: The Ceramic Capacitor 102K 2kV utilizes a ceramic dielectric material. For the 102K capacitor, the ceramic dielectric has specific characteristics to provide a capacitance value of 1000pF. The dielectric material is carefully selected to ensure high dielectric constant and insulation properties.
  2. Electrodes: The capacitor consists of two metal electrodes that are positioned on either side of the ceramic dielectric. These electrodes are typically made of conductive materials such as silver or palladium. The metal electrodes enable the storage of electric charge and facilitate the flow of current.
  3. Terminations: The capacitor is equipped with terminations on each end, which serve as the external connection points. The terminations allow for easy integration of the capacitor into electronic circuits. They are typically made of a conductive material, such as tin or silver, and are designed to provide reliable electrical connections.
  4. Package: The Ceramic Capacitor 102K 2kV is packaged in a suitable housing to protect the internal components and provide mechanical support. The package can vary depending on the specific manufacturer or product line, but common package types for ceramic capacitors include radial lead packages or surface mount packages.

Ceramic Capacitor 102K 2kV Features:

  • High Voltage Rating: The 2kV voltage rating of this ceramic capacitor enables it to handle high voltage levels, ensuring reliable insulation and safe operation in high-voltage applications.
  • Y5V Ceramic Material: The capacitor is constructed using Y5V ceramic material, which provides a high dielectric constant for efficient energy storage and voltage regulation.
  • 1000pF Capacitance: With a capacitance of 1000pF (102), this capacitor offers effective energy storage and filtering capabilities, contributing to stable circuit operation.
  • Compact Size: The compact form factor allows for easy integration into electronic circuits with limited space, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Direct Current (DC): The capacitor is designed for use with direct current (DC) circuits, providing reliable performance and energy storage in DC applications.


  • Capacitance: 1000pF (102)
  • Voltage Rating: 2 kilovolts (2kV)
  • Tolerance: ±10%(K)
  • Dielectric Material: Y5V ceramic
  • Temperature Coefficient: Y5V ceramic exhibits a moderate temperature coefficient, ensuring stable capacitance values over a wide temperature range.
  • Package: Bulk and Taping


The Ceramic Capacitor 102K 2kV finds versatile applications in various industries and electronic systems, including:

  • Power Supplies: It provides stable voltage regulation and energy storage in power supply circuits, ensuring reliable operation and efficient power delivery.
  • High Voltage Systems: The capacitor is well-suited for high-voltage power distribution systems, electric vehicle components, and other applications requiring high voltage insulation and energy storage.
  • Industrial Electronics: It is utilized in industrial automation, control systems, robotics, and other machinery that require reliable energy storage and voltage stabilization.
  • Telecommunications: The capacitor can be used in communication devices, base stations, routers, and networking equipment for noise reduction and signal conditioning purposes.
  • Medical Devices: It finds applications in medical equipment such as diagnostic devices, patient monitoring systems, and implantable devices.


The Ceramic Capacitor 102K 2kV is a high-performance electronic component specifically designed for high-voltage applications. With its 1000pF capacitance, 2kV voltage rating, Y5V ceramic material, and compact size, this capacitor provides efficient energy storage, voltage regulation, and reliable performance. Incorporate the Ceramic Capacitor 102K 2kV into your electronic projects and experience the benefits of high-voltage insulation and stable energy storage.

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