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Snap In Capacitor 15000UF 10V Manufacturer Recommended

  • Type:Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
  • Operating Temperature:-40℃-105℃
  • Features:Large capacity
  • Applications:welding machine,inverter,photovoltaic,color TV,computer,amplifier
  • Manufacturer:XUANSN


Snap-in capacitor 15000UF 10V are specially designed electrolytic capacitors with an easy-to-install “snap-in” connection. This design allows the capacitor to be easily inserted into specific holes on the circuit board and held securely in place using its special construction, usually metal feet or clips. Snap-in capacitors are commonly used in applications that require easy installation and more reliable connections, such as in industrial electronic equipment, power modules and other applications that require high performance capacitors. This design makes the installation of capacitors more convenient and stable, helping to improve production efficiency and reliability.

Snap In Capacitor 15000UF 10V-Features

1.Reflow soldering is available
2.Available for high density surface mounting
3.High stability and reliability
4.Life time: 85˚C, 2,000Hrs

Parameters Table

 Item Characteristics
Temperature Range -40-85℃
Specification 15000UF10V
Capacitance Tolerance ±20% (M)                                                    (at 20°C, 120Hz)
Dissipation Factor (tanδ) tanδ (max.)=0.40                                    (at 20°C, 120Hz)
Rated ripple current (Arms/85°C, 120Hz) 2.5
Low Temperature Characteristics (Max. Impedance Ratio) Z(-25°C)/Z(+20°C)=5
Z(-40°C)/Z(+20°C)=18                            (at 120Hz)
Endurance The following specifications shall be satisfied when the capacitors are restored to 20°C after DC voltage plus the rated ripple current is applied for 2,000 hours at 85°C.
Capacitance Change :≤±20% of the initial value
D.F. (tanδ):≤200% of the initial specified value
Leakage Current :≤The initial specified value
Leakage Current  I≤0.01CV or 1.5mA
Where, I: Max.leakage current (μA), C: Nominal capacitance (μF),V:Rated voltage (V),(at 20 °C after 5 minutes)
Shelf Life The following specifications shall be satisfied when the capacitors are restored to 20°C after exposing them for 1,000 hours at 85°C without voltage applied.
Capacitance Change:≤±20% of the initial value
D.F. (tanδ):≤150% of the initial specified value
Leakage Current:Not more than the initial specified value

Structure of  Snap in capacitor

  • Capacitor body: usually consists of a cylindrical metal can filled with dielectric and electrodes.
  • Electrodes: The capacitor contains two electrodes inside, usually one is the anode (positive electrode) and the other is the cathode (negative electrode). They are usually made of aluminum foil, coated with an electrolyte.
  • Electrolyte: The chemical that fills between the electrodes in a capacitor, usually an electrolyte solution or gel. The choice of electrolyte affects the performance characteristics of the capacitor.
  • Insulating material: The insulating material used to isolate the internal electrodes of a capacitor from its outer shell. This is usually a layer of film or paper that helps prevent internal components from coming into direct contact with the outside environment.
  • Metal feet or clips: These are the parts that connect the capacitor to the circuit board. They are often specially designed to automatically lock when inserted into a circuit board hole and provide a reliable connection.

With this structural design, Snap-in capacitors provide reliable capacitive performance in electronic devices and are easy to mount onto circuit boards.

Frequency correction factor for ripple current

Rated voltage(Vdc)/Freq.(Hz) 120 1k 10k 100k
10 1.00 1.10 1.15 1.15

How to order

XNS        103       M     1A     D22L25           B

XNS:Series code

103:Capacitance code

M:Capacitance tolerance code

1A:Voltage code

D22L25:Size code

B:Packing number

Our advantage

1. Have 18 years experiences in capacitor industry. Be able to quickly understand the needs of customers and give feedback quickly.

2. Covers all capacitors: Electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, safety capacitors, ceramic capacitors, super capacitors.

3.With 200 production lines, the sample delivery time is 3 days, and the bulk goods delivery time is 2 weeks.

4.The company has its own R&D team and after-sales team, providing complete pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services.

Contact us

We are a supplier of electrolytic capacitor, and we have rich experiences in this field. Our daily production capacity can reach  7 million electrolytic capacitors, the sample period is 3 days, and the production cycle is 10 days. We will give you great support in terms of price, quality and delivery time.

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