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Solid Capacitor 680UF 4V Low ESR Xuansn Supplier

  • Type: Radial type
  • Operating Temperature:-55℃~+105℃
  • Life:2000hours
  • Applications:fast charging sources, 5G base stations, PC motherboards,etc.
  • Manufacturer:XUANSN


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The full name of solid capacitor 680uf 4v is: solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The biggest difference between it and ordinary capacitors (ie, liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors) is the use of different dielectric materials. The dielectric material of liquid aluminum capacitors is electrolyte, while the dielectric material of solid capacitors is conductive polymer materials.

XE1 Series-Solid Capacitor 680uf 4v

● Super low ESR, High ripple current
● Load life of 2000hours at 105℃
● RoHS Compliant

 Item Characteristics
Temperature Range -55~+105℃
Specification 680UF4V
Capacitance Tolerance ±20% (M)                                                    (at 20°C, 120Hz)
Dissipation Factor (tanδ) tanδ (max.)=0.08(2.5~7.5V)                tanδ (max.)=0.12(10~25V)             (at 20°C, 120Hz)
Leakage Current I≤0.2CV or 500μA(take the maximum)
Where, I: Max.leakage current (μA), C: Nominal capacitance (μF),V:Rated voltage (V),(at 20 °C after 2 minutes)
Low Temperature Characteristics (Max. Impedance Ratio) Z(-25°C)/Z(+20°C)≦1.25
Z(-40°C)/Z(+20°C)≦1.25                      (at 100kHz)
Endurance The following specifications shall be satisfied when the capacitors are restored to 20°C after DC voltage plus the rated ripple current is applied for 2,000 hours at 105°C.

Capacitance Change :≤±20% of the initial value
D.F. (tanδ):≤150% of the initial specified value
ESR:≤150% of the initial specified value
Leakage Current :≤The initial specified value

Damp heat(steady state) The specifications listed below shall be satisfied when the capacitors are restored to 20℃ after application of rated voltage for 1000 hours at 60℃,90%~95%RH.

Capacitance Change :≤±20% of the initial value
D.F. (tanδ):≤150% of the initial specified value
ESR:≤150% of the initial specified value
Leakage Current :≤The initial specified value

Surge Voltage Surge voltage = rated voltage * 1.15 (V)

The capacitors shall be subjected to 1000 cycles each consisting of charge with the surge voltages specified at 105℃ for 30 seconds through a protective resistor(Rc=1kΩ)and discharge for 5 minutes 30 seconds

Capacitance Change :≤±20% of the initial value
D.F. (tanδ):≤150% of the initial specified value
ESR:≤150% of the initial specified value
Leakage Current :≤The initial specified value

Resistance to soldering heat Measurement for solder temperature profile shall be made at the capacitor top and the terminal.

Capacitance Change :≤±20% of the initial value
D.F. (tanδ):≤150% of the initial specified value
ESR:≤150% of the initial specified value
Leakage Current :≤The initial specified value



Rated Ripple Current Correction Coefficient

Frequency (Hz) 120Hz≦f<1kHz 1kHz≦f<10kHz 10kHz≦f<100kHz 100kHz≦f<500kHz
Coefficient 0.05 0.30 0.70 1.00

Parameters Table

Rated voltage(V) Rated Capacitance(μf) Case size     D*L(mm)


at 20℃ 100kHz

Leakage Current


Rated ripple current(mArms/105℃/100kHz)
4 680 6.3*8 8 544 5100
4 680 8*9 8 544 5900

Solid Capacitor 680uf 4v Applications

Solid capacitors, also known as solid capacitors, are electronic components favored for their superior performance and reliability compared to traditional electrolytic capacitors. Solid capacitors use solid electrolyte materials rather than liquid or gel electrolytes, which makes them more resistant to temperature fluctuations, mechanical stress, and aging. Here are some common applications for solid state capacitors:

  • Computer motherboards and graphics cards: Solid capacitors are commonly used in computer motherboards and graphics cards for voltage stabilization, filtering, decoupling and other purposes. They provide stable and reliable performance, which is critical to the smooth operation of these components.
  • Power supplies: Solid-state capacitors are used in power supply units (PSUs) for computers, servers, and other electronic equipment. They help stabilize the output voltage, reduce ripple and noise, and improve the overall efficiency and reliability of the power supply.
  • Telecommunications equipment: Solid-state capacitors are used in telecommunications equipment such as routers, switches and base stations. They are used in these devices for filtering, voltage stabilization and energy storage, ensuring reliable operation under a variety of conditions.
  • Consumer Electronics: Solid-state capacitors are increasingly used in consumer electronics such as LCD televisions, game consoles, audio amplifiers and DVD players. They provide stable voltage regulation, helping to improve the performance and longevity of these devices.
  • Automotive Electronics: In automotive electronics applications, solid-state capacitors are used in a variety of systems, including engine control units (ECUs), infotainment systems, power management modules, and LED lighting systems. Their robustness and resistance to high temperatures and vibrations make them ideal for automotive use.
  • Industrial Automation: Solid-state capacitors are used in industrial automation equipment such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), motor drives, sensors, and industrial robots. They ensure reliable operation in harsh environments such as temperature fluctuations, humidity and mechanical vibration.
  • Renewable energy systems: Solid-state capacitors are used in renewable energy systems such as solar inverters, wind turbines, and energy storage systems. They help stabilize voltage fluctuations, improve energy efficiency and enhance the reliability of these systems.
  • Medical Devices: In medical devices and equipment, solid-state capacitors are used for a variety of purposes, including power management, signal conditioning, and data acquisition. Their reliability and stability are critical to the accurate operation of medical devices.
  • Aerospace and Defense: Solid-state capacitors are also used in aerospace and defense applications such as avionics, radar systems, missile guidance systems and satellite communications equipment. They are able to withstand the extreme temperatures, radiation and mechanical shock encountered in these environments.

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