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3V 5F Supercapacitor High-Performance Energy Storage

  • Maximum working current:0.68A
  • Maximum peak current:3.57A
  • Maximum leakage current:0.015mA
  • Power density:2888W/kg
  • Maximum energy:0.0063W.h
  • Energy Density:3.68Wh/kg


Unlike batteries, supercapacitors charge in seconds and can withstand nearly unlimited charge cycles. Supercapacitors have higher energy density than traditional capacitors but lower energy density than standard batteries used in electronics such as Internet of Things devices.Compared with other capacitors, 3V 5F supercapacitor can store and release energy very quickly. This feature makes it widely used in electric vehicles and new energy applications.

3V 5F SuperCapacitor Features

  • High Energy Density
  • High Power
  • Low Internal Resistance


Item Performance
Working voltage 3V.DC
Surge voltage 3.16V.DC
Capacitance 5F
Capacity Error -20%~+50%
Operating temperature -40℃~65℃


Product Size

Diameter Length
8mm 25mm

(Note:Products can be customized according to your requirements)

3V 5F SuperCapacitor Application

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Main power
  • Backup power

About Us

Supercapacitors are the most stable and efficient energy storage devices and are widely used in new energy fields such as car starting, teaching displays, wind power, and bicycle taillights. It is characterized by strong adaptability, long service life, and can effectively integrate renewable resources. Following the trend of development, the company carries out reverse research and development from all aspects and angles to meet the needs of customers at different levels. It has built a complete supercapacitor production line on button, cylindrical and combination modules. The company focuses on technological research and development, independent innovation and digital intelligent production. It always adheres to technological research and development as the forerunner, market requirements as the guide, focuses on research and development investment, and improves the company’s independent innovation and research and development capabilities.

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