­čĺÉIn order to improve the mental health level of employees, relieve workplace pressure, popularize mental health knowledge, enhance employees’ self-psychological adjustment capabilities, and enable employees to devote themselves to work and life with a healthy attitude, a strong physique, and abundant energy,December 2022 On the morning of the 4th, the Xiegang Town Federation of Trade Unions sent a mental health lecture to Xuansn capacitor. A total of 66 employees of the company participated in the lecture.

Teacher Liu Kaiping´╝Ü

­čîĚThis event invited Liu Kaiping, Director of Dongguan Hopu Psychological Counseling Service Center, National Secondary Psychological Counselor, Specially Appointed Psychological Counselor and Psychological Lecturer of Dongguan Federation of Trade Unions, to give mental health lectures to employees. Explained and analyzed, and explained to the staff present how to deal with stress and how to relieve it, and how to correctly understand the stress in life. During the course, Mr. Liu interacted with the employees. The whole lecture process was very relaxed and interesting. Through the interaction, the state of the employees at home and at work was presented, and the employees were guided on how to actively resolve conflicts and pressures, which subtly improved the mental health knowledge of the emp.

Mental Health Lectures

­čî╣Teacher Liu took “Dancing with Stress” as the topic, from understanding stress, understanding the relationship between stress and physical health, analyzing the emotions caused by stress, how to use the way of thinking to optimize hair to deal with stress, and learning how to use external resources to dance with stress, etc. Five aspects are explained. The examples explained by the teacher are vivid and vivid, which play a great positive role in helping employees correctly understand their own psychological problems and relieve their psychological pressure.

­čî║Thanks to the Dongguan Xiegang Federation of Trade Unions for delivering lessons to our company. This training has benefited the employees a lot. They are fully aware that when dealing with psychological problems, they must pay full attention and provide timely counseling, without paying too much attention and treating them like a scourge. Many employees have said that in their future life and work, when they encounter confusion and pressure that they cannot solve, they will actively decompress themselves, and if necessary, they will seek guidance and consultation from the outside world or even professional teachers in a timely manner to help them better face the problems. Life. In the next step, Xuansn Electronics will continue to provide employees with training lectures on safety, health, and psychological counseling, so as to effectively protect the physical and mental health of employees and help the high-quality development of the company. In particular, let more people understand the importance of psychological counseling-assisted mediation in advance, so that employees can undergo a complete psychological transformation, and create a positive and healthy working environment in an all-round way.

­čîŞMental health refers to all aspects of the mind and the process of activities in a good or normal state. The ideal state of mental health is to maintain a state of intact character, normal intelligence, correct cognition, appropriate emotion, reasonable will, positive attitude, appropriate behavior, and good adaptation.

­čî╝Mental health is influenced by both heredity and environment, especially the parenting style of the original family in childhood, which has a great impact on the development of mental health. Mental health highlights the ability to maintain good communication or cooperation with other people in social, production, and life, and to be able to handle various situations that occur in life well.

­čî╗The individual can adapt to the developing environment, has perfect personality characteristics; and its cognition, emotional response, will and behavior are in a positive state, and can maintain normal regulation ability. In the practice of life, being able to correctly understand oneself, consciously control oneself, and correctly treat external influences, so as to keep the mind balanced and coordinated, already possesses the basic characteristics of mental health.

­čî×The basic meaning of mental health is that all aspects and activities of the mind are in a good or normal state. The ideal state of mental health is to maintain a state of perfect character, normal intelligence, correct cognition, appropriate emotion, reasonable will, positive attitude, appropriate behavior, and good adaptation. Corresponding to mental health are mental sub-health and mental illness. Mental health has different meanings from different perspectives, and the measurement standards are also different.

­čîŤMental health is an inseparable and important aspect of modern people’s health, so what is human mental health? There are standards for people’s physical health, and there are standards for people’s mental health. However, the standard of human mental health is not as specific and objective as the standard of human physical health. Understanding and mastering the definition of mental health is of great significance for enhancing and maintaining people’s health. When people have mastered the standard for measuring people’s mental health, they can use this as a basis to compare themselves and carry out self-diagnosis of mental health. If you find that one or several aspects of your mental state have a certain distance from the mental health standard, you can strengthen mental exercise in a targeted manner in order to achieve the level of mental health. If you find that your mental state seriously deviates from the mental health standard, you should seek medical advice in time for early diagnosis and early treatment.

ÔťĘMental health refers to a sustained and positively developing state of mind in which subjects are able to make good adjustments and develop their full physical and mental potential. Mental health education is an important part of “new health education”. It is aimed at cultivating social citizens with physical and mental health. Through the use of health management methods, the improvement of the campus environment and functional environment is the main focus, and the improvement of the human environment is matched. , with teachers and students as the two main bodies, to provide scientific, healthy and professional guidance. “New Health Education” has built a special health guidance room (psychological counseling room) in the school, equipped with professional psychological counselors stationed in the school for a long time, and guides students’ healthy psychological development by offering psychological courses and carrying out extracurricular activities. At the same time, a “family chat room” is set up to open a channel for the connection of family and pave a smooth way for the healthy growth of students.