Xuansn Electronics Event-Spring outing:This orientation activity allowed new employees to have a deeper understanding of the history and culture of the companyAt the beginning of the new year, Vientiane was renewed, and Xuansn Electronics Co., Ltd. ushered in a group of new faces. In order to better integrate new forces into the team, feel the warmth of home, and enhance the sense of belonging of new employees to the company, the company organizes new employees from various departments to carry out diversified spring outing activities.

1.Hike ten miles to meet the sun

You can go a thousand miles without accumulating steps. When you first enter the Xuansn family, you may feel a little anxious or have troubles. Don’t be afraid, as long as we take the initiative to take a small step every day, we can go further by accumulating slowly!

The new employees of solid-state production line, aging production line, and rubber production line went to Jiudong Forest Park to carry out hiking activities in the New Year.

2.Bravely climb the peak and achieve success

Maybe you will feel tired every time you take a step up, but the satisfaction when you enjoy the different scenery at a high place is enough to eliminate the hard work you put in when you climbed up.

3.Discuss work plan together

There will always be bumps and bumps on the road of growth, but the guidance of the predecessors will save us from many detours. The Chuanghui family can give all employees the opportunity to learn and grow. The accumulation of each person’s growth is our Chuanghui family. The cornerstone of transformation and development.

New employees are the new force of the enterprise and the reserve force of the enterprise. For a long time, Chuanghui Electronics Co., Ltd. has attached great importance to the introduction and training of talents, provided a learning and development platform for new employees, and encouraged and supported the career growth of employees.

This orientation activity allowed new employees to have a deeper understanding of the history and culture of the company, and at the same time boosted their morale and enhanced their ability to solve problems. Effective ways and methods have effectively alleviated the uneasiness of new employees entering the company. Everyone said that they will enter the working state as soon as possible, integrate into the team, and devote themselves to work with full enthusiasm.