1.Flower arrangement activity of Chang’an Town Federation of Trade Unions

The flower arrangement event held by Dongguan Xuansn Electronics Co., Ltd. can be described as a feast full of spring and colorful flowers. The Chang’an Town Federation of Trade Unions invited professional flower arrangement teachers to jointly create a flower arrangement experience that “warms life with love”. This Xuansn flower arrangement activity not only brought a unique artistic experience to employees, but also strengthened the emotional connection between the union and employees, allowing beautiful spring time to bloom in the world of flowers.

2.Learn, understand

Xuansn electronic

In the Xuansn flower arrangement activity, the teacher introduced the basic skills of flower arrangement to everyone in easy-to-understand language. First, she explained the flower language of flowers, letting everyone understand the meanings of different flowers, so that we can better convey emotions when arranging flowers. Then, she explained how to choose flowers and told us to choose suitable flowers according to the occasion and atmosphere. Then she talked about color matching and guided us on how to combine flowers according to the principles of color matching to make the flower arrangement more beautiful and harmonious. In the part about pruning flower branches, she demonstrated how to prune flower branches according to the size and shape of the flower arrangement container and the height of the flowers to make the flower arrangement more stable and beautiful. Finally, she demonstrated how to insert flowers into the mud in an orderly manner, making the entire flower arrangement look vivid and layered. At the scene, she also showed several classic flower arrangement styles, allowing us to intuitively feel the charm and diversity of flower arrangement art.Xuansn flower arrangement activity

3.Xuansn flower arrangement activity —Autonomy·CreationXuansn Capacitor

Under the careful guidance of the flower arrangement teacher, boldly use your imagination and use your dexterous hands to combine a variety of pruned flowers in different colors and shapes in a hierarchical manner.Xuansn flower arrangement activity

During the flower arranging process, everyone’s face was filled with a happy smile. Trimming, creativity, and matching were used to create “privately customized” flower arrangements step by step. The colorful flowers were given new life and meaning in everyone’s hands. Presenting pieces of fresh and pleasant floral works.Xuansn electronic

After everyone’s hard work, each exquisite flower arrangement work was successfully presented. Some are fresh and elegant, some are passionate and unrestrained. Each work shows its own unique aesthetic and creativity.Xuansn flower arrangement activityXuansn flower arrangement activity

4.Xuansn flower arrangement activity —Use love to warm your lifeXuansn electronic


Thank you to the Chang’an Town Federation of Trade Unions for bringing us such a warm and meaningful flower arrangement activity. Through this activity, the Xuansn family learned the art of flower arrangement, which not only improved their skills, but also cultivated their sentiments. The activity made us forget the worries of work and life, wander in the sea of flowers, and feel the unique charm of the art of flower arrangement. Thanks again to Xuansn Flower Arrangement Event for providing us with such an unforgettable experience!

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